The SRC are thrilled to announce the new name for Campus 3… Tommy’s Garden! “Why?” we hear you ask. Well, let’s go back to 1851, when an elephant named Tommy first arrived in Australia. Tommy was originally from Calcutta, India, and was shipped to Australia with another female elephant to be exhibited in hotels including the Cremorne hotel, just next door to Unley Primary. Tommy the elephant became a star attraction in Adelaide as he was an exotic animal that people had not seen before.

Before you get too worried, Tommy was housed in a small zoo and gardens out the back of the hotel known as the Cremorne Gardens. He stayed there with other animals, including birds and turtles. Tommy, aged only 5 years old, wasn’t confined to just the gardens and was a mischievous youngster. When he wasn’t working, he explored the district and liked pulling washing off lines, tipping washing tubs over and playing in water. Tommy stayed at the Cremorne hotel, before he took his revenge on a group of builders. The playful elephant picked up a trunk of wet plaster and sprayed it all over the them, after the workers had hit Tommy away with their shovels earlier that day. The owner was faced with court cases, so he sold Tommy to John Smith at Smithfield.

We are enchanted with the story of Tommy the elephant! Thank you and well done to the Year 2 students from Abbe and Jodie’s class in Room 17 who had the brilliant idea for this name! They are pictured above in Tommy’s Garden pondering what it may have been like for the cheeky elephant back in 1851. Can you imagine?!

Written by Jordan S on behalf of the SRC Executive