In recent months we have been in discussion with the OSCARS Management Committee in regard to the ongoing provision of our Out of School Hours Care arrangements.
On Wednesday the 1st of November a special general meeting was held where the OSCARS membership voted on the following motion:
For OSCARS Inc to cease the provision of Out Of School Hours Care as a third party provider at Unley Primary School. In doing so, OSCARS Inc will commit to continue service provision until the last day in Term 2, 2018 or until such time as a new provider is appointed by Unley Primary School Governing Council and is able to commence provision of an OSHC service, which ever comes sooner.
The motion was unanimously passed.
Our Governing Council will now work with parents from our OSHC (OSCARS) Committee to select a third party organisation to provide the best service for our students and our community into the future.
OSCARS will continue to commit to service provision until the last day of term 2, 2018 (Friday 6 July 2018) or until another OSHC service provider is contracted, which ever comes sooner.
We all look to ensure a smooth transition process for all parties.
If you have any questions in relation to the above, please contact Peter O’Sullivan or a member of the OSCARS Management Committee.